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Heart of the Brain, Abiquiu Inn - Galeria Arriba, Saturday, September 28, 2019, 9am-4pm, Individuals 100.00, Couples 150.00
Proceeds go to Abiquiu Area Emergency Services Program (AAESP) toward the purchase of a Wilderness Fire Truck (WUI) for the Abiquiu Volunteer Fire Department.  Register 

Heart of the Brain Testimonials -- 

Layne Kalbfleisch is an excellent, very competent speaker on a very complex subject. She willingly shared her experiences as a scientist and what we can do ourselves to make these connections. She is also kind and generous to every participant. A great program and a lovely person. 

She is a wonderful person, who provides academic knowledge with experiential parts spiced with a lot of humor and good vibes.

Layne Kalbfleisch, for being so young, has a wealth of experience researching the topic and was able to put her scientific research into layman's terms and by combining with interactive exercises, and free time to explore nature gave a nice weekend workshop experience. 

You hit just the right spot for an audience of educated laypersons -- high level, but covered the basics.  Lots of valuable information! 

Your presentation was accessible and brilliant! I cannot wait to continue to follow your research and watch you change the world.

You are like the genie in the bottle.

If you are interested in a Heart of the Brain workshop or retreat for your organization or for personal enrichment, please send an email to: heartofthebrain@gmail.com -- Heart of the Brain (C)  is a unique format that incorporates the latest in human neuroscience into usable practical tenets to improve your learning opportunity and quality of life.  I want you to "feel what I mean, not just hear what I say."


Meet Layne:



Kalbfleisch, M.L. (March, 2018).  Pathophysiology of the Nervous System.  College of Nursing, Northern New Mexico College,  Espanola, NM. 

Kalbfleisch, M.L. (October, 2018). How Epigenetics and Treatment Influence Cognition and Behavior in Developmental Disorders: Examples from Autism and Down Syndrome. Introduction to Pediatric Nursing, Northern New Mexico College,  Espanola, NM. 

Kalbfleisch, M.L. (April, 2018). Let's Talk About -- Stress!, Ideaventions Academy for Math and Science, Reston, VA.

Kalbfleisch, M.L. (April, 2018). Gifted and Twice Exceptional - Emerging Insights from Brain Science: Musings and Applications, Dolley Madison Pre-School, McLean, VA.

Kalbfleisch, M.L. (February, 2018). Heart of the Brain Weekend Retreat, Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center, Abiquiu, NM.

Kalbfleisch, M.L. (February, 2018). Heart of the Brain – Pastors – Self Care and Care of Others, The Art of Transition, Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center, Abiquiu, NM.

Kalbfleisch, M.L. (January, 2018). Heart of the Brain – Divergent and Analogical Thinking, Visioning Retreat, Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center, Abiquiu, NM.

Kalbfleisch, M.L. (January, 2017). Heart of the Brain – Roots of Memory.  January Term Fireside Chat Series, Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center, Abiquiu, NM.

Kalbfleisch, M.L. (September, 2016). Science & Mathematics Education – Neuroeducation Elucidates the Role of Intuitive Interference in Conceptual Reasoning. Discussant (with Patrice Potvin, Reuvin Babai, & Ruth Stavy), International Mind, Brain, and Education Society (IMBES), Toronto, CA.

Kalbfleisch, M.L. (April, 2016). From Concept to Characterization – Assessing Adaptive and Maladaptive Learning Processes in High Capacity Learners. Invited European-American Summit on the Psychology of Talent Development, American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C.

Kalbfleisch, M.L. (March, 2016). Gifted, Twice Exceptional, and The Study of Each (Both) – Emerging Insights from Cognitive Neuroscience.  Breakthroughs in Twice Exceptional Education Conference, QUAD Preparatory School, New York, NY.

Kalbfleisch, M.L. (November, 2015). Gifted, Twice Exceptional, and The Study of Each (Both) – Emerging Insights from Cognitive Neuroscience. Keynote - Minnesota State Conference for the Gifted and Talented, Minneapolis, MN.

Kalbfleisch, M.L. (October, 2015). Resiliency Training: Relief and Release – Control PTSD, Don’t Let It Control You. Northern  New Mexico College Veterans Resource Center, Espanola, NM.

Kalbfleisch, M.L. (May, 2015). The New Story of Water. Blue Mind 5 Symposium, Carnegie Institute of Science, Washington, D.C.





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