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Thank you for the kind and informative call as well as your thorough efforts to evaluate our child. Your expertise is priceless.

My son left your office last night walking on air. He is normally a ray of sunshine but has not been acting like himself since he learned about his dyslexia.  I don't know what you said to him, but I want you to know that whatever you said lifted his spirits.  I haven't seen him that happy in a long time.  Today when we got in the car he looked at me with a very serious expression and told me he was sure he would be ready for school.  I know that his concern about doing ok next year has has been weighing on him and now he can relax.  I am very glad you do what you do!


My daughter is doing excellent!  She has stayed on track with all of her assignments so far.  Her grades and attitude toward school have improved greatly.  She is more self sufficient: getting up on time, doing homework, and managing her busy schedule more independently.  She is not on any medication by choice.  I believe the investment of time spent on the various solutions over the summer made her realize that she needs to do the work necessary to shore up her weaknesses in school.   I also think her time spent with her tutor helped make her more comfortable with asking for help from her teachers.  She told her dad and I that this year is going to be different and she will prove it to us.  So far, she has been doing that!  We have been very happy with her progress and everyone is less stressed about her future.  We want her to talk with you again so that she has an opportunity to tell you about her success!  Thank you for all of your help.


We have benefitted tremendously from working with Dr. K. Our son, while gifted and eager to learn, was having challenges at school.  We hired Dr. K to work with us and the school to come up with a plan to address the issue.  Dr. K diligently worked with us, our child, and the school through the process and ultimately helped us achieve a solution that has improved the quality of our child's education as well as his emotional state.  We are all much happier, healthier, and better equipped to help our child succeed.  We definitely would not hesitate to recommend Dr. K and we plan to continue to use her services throughout our son's educational journey.


Having you visit my child's classroom is like having a guardian angel.

We were so lucky to find you.  It's obvious how committed, knowledgeable, and passionate you are about 2E kids.  Our family is looking forward to our next steps!  


Thank you so very much for working with our child.  This has been such a long stressful process over the years.  I feel that finally there is someone who understands him and his needs and is willing to work on those needs instead of making diagnosis after diagnosis.  I'm so thankful that you were recommended to us!

We absolutely credit her with putting us on the right path for our son. I have sent two others to her for various reasons and they have both reported back feeling the exact same way.

Listening to you talk about my child is like a version of 'Inside Out'!


Our son loves his new school! The class size is making a huge difference. He can tell us what went on at school, says every day was "good" or even "great," and is starting to socialize more.  Also, thanks to you, our mornings are SO much better.  Getting in some video/visual stimulation and using a "long runway" has him getting dressed with much less need for reminders. He still hates homework but otherwise things are MUCH better.  

From WORKSHOP Participants:

She is a wonderful person, who provides academic knowledge with experiential parts spiced with a lot of humor and good vibes.

Layne Kalbfleisch, for being so young, has a wealth of experience researching the topic and was able to put her scientific research into layman's terms and by combining with interactive exercises, and free time to explore nature gave a nice weekend workshop experience. 

Layne Kalbfleisch is an excellent, very competent speaker on a very complex subject. She willingly shared her experiences as a scientist and what we can do ourselves to make these connections. She is also kind and generous to every participant. A great program and a lovely person. 

You hit just the right spot for an audience of educated laypersons -- high level, but covered the basics.  Lots of valuable information! 


Your presentation was accessible and brilliant! I cannot wait to continue to follow your research and watch you change the world.

You are like the genie in the bottle.








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