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Common Questions

What does the 2E process involve?  Do you accept insurance?  How do your fees work?

2E Consults® is a fee-for service organization which means that services are not automatically covered by insurance.  Our services are tax deductible.  We will provide you with a checklist of items to guide your inquiry with your insurance company.  We also provide your with an itemized log of services for your records at the end of the service block.  

Forms of payment include: cash, check, or PayPal.

Individual Family-Child Consultations:
2E Consults® requests an initial fee based on a service package that covers (1) the assessment, (2) initial translation and recommendations based on results from our assessment plus pre-existing results you share in this process, and (3) the beginning of the coaching period with you, your child, and other specialists you choose to be involved.  

Extra time in this initial block of service gives us the chance to coach the results into success and you the option of contacting us on an as needed basis as specific issues arise.  

Following this, we assess your individual case and recommend additional blocks of time (ranging from 4-10 hours) to extend these activities for maximum opportunity for change.  

It is our goal to empower you or you and your child with the knowledge, skills, and strategies neccessary to ensure that you or he or she is given opportunities to adjust skill weaknesses and to develop intellectual and creative strengths.  

How do your services differ from a school, clinical, or neuropsychologist?

2E Consults® services combine test results that come from these other areas of educational, psychological, and medical practice.  Oftentimes, these reports contain useful information that does not get fully promoted into practice on behalf of yourself or your child.  

2E Consults® maximizes the opportunity for the insight about how you or your child processes information to guide, adjust, and enrich your/his or her skill development and to impact how you/he or she are/is taught and experiences learning in and outside of the classroom.  

Will you talk with other specialists in my life or my child's teacher, doctor, or therapist?  Is this process confidential?

2E Consults® will work with any specialist in your or your child's life to improve communication and education.  This can take the form of a conversation with a single specialist or a team approach to bring specialists together on behalf of you or your child's development, learning, and quality of life. 

In general, the law protects the confidentiality of all communications between a client and a psychologist. No information is disclosed to or from 2E Consults® without prior written permission from the client.  See the 'Privacy & Policy' tab for more information.

How do I know if I am or my child is Twice-Exceptional?

1. Do you or your child have a high intelligence quotient (IQ) but also a condition such as a specific learning disability, Asperger's syndrome, High-Functioning Autism, any form of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, or other sensory or processing disorder?

2. Do you or your child have difficulty with basic tasks such as spelling, writing, or math calculation, and yet in spite of these difficulties, demonstrate extraordinary memory, visual spatial ability with maps, pictures, graphs, etc., problem solving ability, creativity, insight, depth of thinking, and focus when involved in an activity related to personal talent or interest?

3. Do the gaps between your or your child's talents and the challenges presented by the diagnosed disability prevent you or them from "keeping track" of yourself or themselves at home, school, work and/or socially?  





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